So what are micro link hair extensions you ask? Well thats a great question. Microlinks extensions and microbead extensions are used interchangeably. There are several types of microlink hair extensions. This type of beaded hair extension method can be used on all types of hair including african american hair and caucasian hair. There are several beads used during a microlink application.

The Three Most Popular Micro beads For Micro link Hair Extensions
  • aluminum micro bead

  • copper micro link

  • aluminum with silicone beads

The aluminum with silicone bead is the most common because of its extra buffer of security to grip the hair better. The aluminum bead without the silicone just closes flatter and has a shorter base. The grip may not be as great but the flatness is perfect. The copper flares links has a great benefit also because they are elongated which gives the strand by strand look a keratin shape without it being keratin extensions also it gets super flat. The copper flares are used in strand by strand microlinks alot. This allows for the stylist to move them up when needed. Overall that is the main advantage of the microlink hair extensions in every case. That is the option to move it back up the hair shaft to the scalp each time it grows out. Your stylist can do this most times up to three times before needing new beads or new microlink again. There are benefits to each one of the beads or microlinks depending on hair type. There are also different sizes and shapes of the links for this type of install. It is important to understand the pricing of microlinks. The process of applying the microlinks are also important along with the maintenance required. There are definitely pros and cons to this hair extensions procedure.

Why Are Microlink Hair Extensions So Popular?

This method used to be just be exclusive just to celebrities and has now crossed over into the mainstream. Microlink hair extensions are safe and seamless. But there are two major types of microlink extensions

1. Microlink Weft Extensions

This is where your natural hair is linked with microlinks to create a foundation of beads or links to which create a bridge across your scalp. The bridge is created by pulling your natural hair through the opening of the bead then closing the bead with a plier type instrument which holds the bead into place until its time for your microlink maintenance. After creating the line of beads across the scalp using the micro link bead of choice and fastening it closed then the stylist will decide on what type of hair to sew onto the beaded foundation. Some stylist change up the method to include no thread and decides to pull your hair and the hair from the wefted hair from the beaded opening to create the bridge foundation at the scalp without thread.

2. Microlink strands or fusion microlink.

This method is done in individual strands of hair in groups of 25-35 strands of your natural hair pulled through the opening of a link or bead. Next an i tip hair extension strand is then placed through the opening then all the hair is clasped together with the plier tool to create the perfect set of density riched volumized strands. Not to mention the length. This method is used on all hair types. On super silky straight textured to kinky straight textured.

What's The Difference in Braidless Sew In and Micro Link Hair Extensions?

Some people believe the braidless sewin and the micro link hair extensions to be the same thing. And they are right. There is some difference in micro link application depending on the hair stylist such as for example some stylist use beads only to adhere the micro link hair extensions wefts to the scalp and some hair stylist use beads plus thread to apply the the micro link wefts to the scalp. The thread do add an extra layer of protection from slippage. But there is no wrong way as long as the stylist is skilled in the Micro link technique. Pure Luxury hair extension technicians are fully trained in Micro link applications.

This method is great because as your hair grows from the scalp and you are maintaining your maintenance correctly and having them moved back up to the scalp every 4 weeks you will see great results with your natural hair.

Is A Consultation Needed Before Getting Micro Links?

Yes. A consultation is definitely needed when moving forward with microlink hair extensions but its worth it because the results are phenomenal.

How To Remove Microlink Hair Extensions?

We suggest you go to a professional to remove your microlink install. There is an opening tool used to open the base of the bead to allow the hair to slip off your natural hair strands. The removal process is super easy. However always use a proffesional when applying or removing any type of hair extensions.

Whats The Cost Of Micro Link Hair Extensions?

Well that may vary on your area. The average cost is between $275-$1000 for the wefted hair extensions. And that may not include the hair. For the fusion or strand by strand method cost can be upward of $1000+ that may also not include hair. The good news is if you go with a reputable company with great hair extensions and salon with great hair service experts then you will be just fine. Lucky for you thats where Pure Luxury Beauty Studio steps in. We provide beautiful high quality hair and beautiful hair extension services. Luxury hair comes with a luxury price tag. Are you worth it?

Which Is Better Hand tied Hair Extensions Or Machine Weft Hair Extensions For Micro Link Hair Extensions?

This is a difficult choice to make but we can help you decide if hand tied weft hair extensions or machine weft hair extensions is best for your micro link hair extensions or micro beaded hair extensions based on information below.


Machine Weft Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

Pros: The base is solid and thicker yet sturdy. You can cut the weft in whatever size you choose with no shedding. Cost less than hand tied hair.

Cons: Not as flat at the base so only can stack two wefts together to build density on each row of you microlink application using wefts. This also knowed as beaded row method. So each row counts.

Hand tied Weft Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

Pro: Handtied hair extensions has much finer wefts which allows for stacking of the rows to create major density and hair volume with less bulk. The hair extensions are handmade which makes it a little more couture.
Cons: Hand tied hair extensions wefts cannot be cut the wefts can only be folded. Cost more than machine wefts. If cut then major shedding.

What is Beaded Row Hair Extensions?

Essentially Beaded Row Hair Extensions and Micro Link Hair Extensions is the exact same thing.

My Final Thought on Micro Link Hair Extensions

Micro Link hair extensions is my first choice for new clients or veteran clients because its the most versatile technique. Its by far my favorite hair extension technique and it is definitely the most durable. If you want quality hair and quality service then I would consider Micro Link Hair extensions at Pure Luxury Beauty studio.

December 10, 2019 — Katina Foster

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