Micro bead or micro ring hair extensions are the hottest hair extensions trending at the moment. Micro beaded hair extensions last approximately 3-4 months before needing new beads all over again. That doesn't mean there is no maintenance involved throughout that time frame. A tightening is required every 4-6 weeks during the wear of the hair extensions. You may also need hair color maintenance while wearing your hair extensions also. Hand tied wefts are the most popular wefts used to apply these types of hair extensions. Your stylist must be skilled in applying hair extensions before trying this method because it may cause shedding of the hair extensions if not applied correctly. If you are looking for the a Microbead hair extension salon in Charlotte Pure Luxury Beauty Studio is the top hair extension studio performing this hair extension service. Pure Luxury Beauty Studio will also custom order your hand tied micro wefts hair extensions in your own personal color with high lights or low lights applied to give your hair extensions an extra level of personal style. There are so many things about Micro beaded Hand Tied Extensions that make it the trend of the decade. One really great thing is that the hair is so flat and inconspicuous. You can also add great volume and density to the hair with little effort. As for length, extending your natural hair length is a breeze. There is no damage if applied by an expert. The installation is pain free. Your real hair has an opportunity to grow while wearing the hair extensions which help you get through awkward bad hair cuts or just thin hair phase. Pure Lux Hair Extensions is the best hair extensions to use for micro beaded hair extensions. Use a wet brush when detangling. Micro beaded hair extensions usually run about $75-$100 per row (hair not included). Typically you need between 3 to 5 rows for average volume plus length. Call Pure Luxury Beauty Studio for a free consultation to get started on your best hair extension life.
August 05, 2019 — Katina Foster

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