Now you can enjoy long luxurious remy hair extensions using all the latest methods in hair extensions. Although there are various methods out such as remy hair extensions tape in hair, clip-in extensions, microbeads, microlink hair extensions, strand by strands and more. The average person become overwhelmed by all of the choices and think to themselves "oh my what to do?"


Well, your first step is to set up a hair extensions consultation with a professional hair extension consultant at an established salon that specialize in hair extensions. Also have an idea of what you would like as far as length, density and the type of texture of the hair extensions. Next is to decide on your budget. Hair extensions range in price. During the hair extension consultation you will be able to look at different options and decide what is best for you.


So Many Hair Extension Choices

There are so many different choices in the types of hair available but there are also alot of choices in the methods available for hair extensions. Hair extensions are easy to navigate if you know what you want. The most important thing is to know what type of look you are going for and being realistic. The most challenging hair extensions are hair extensions for thinning women. The reason this is because it depends entirely where the hair is thinning. If its thinning up top in the crown then the best decision is to go for a hair topper. If you are thinning on the sides and the back then it depends on your natural density if a topper is required or just semi permanent hair extensions only. Clip in hair extensions is also a great option for clients that are not wanting to commit entirely.

Hair Extension Myths

There are so many myths regarding hair extensions that it is best to meet with a professional and find out the truth. Each method carry a pro and con. It is best to go to your hair extension consultation with a list of questions. That way you know for sure you get all your questions answered. Make sure you know if you are wanting length, density , or both. Happy hair extension hunting. Visit Pure Lux Hair website for some wonderful options when choosing hair extensions.

August 05, 2019 — Katina Foster

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