Lux hair extensions is more than just a name. Its short for "luxury" hair extensions. Hair Extensions are a very serious matter. First of all they are costly so you have to be sure to get the hair thats right for you. Hair Extensions are a cheaper way to add youth. Lets face it more density and volume is one of the fountain of youth properties. Pure Lux hair extensions are the best choice when choosing hair because of its Lux feel and look. They definitely qualify as Lux Hair Extensions and with its "pure" and "virgin" qualities then you can see how we got the name Pure Lux.

Pure Lux Hair Extensions is a lifestyle not just cosmetic. Its ease and convenience make it the very definition of "lux hair extensions". The first color coded hair extensions that cater to your affordability and need.

Hair Extension Quality

Pure Lux hair extensions is made from real human hairs. Cut from donor candidates with the healthiest hair cuticles. Our hair extensions are top of the line hair extensions because of the simple fact that we put years and years of testing of quality before putting out our quality product to the public. We can stand behind our quality due to the fact of the process of processing and quality control of pure lux hair extensions.

100% Real Human Hair Extension

Human hair extensions is a term that is used very loosely when in fact as long as it contain a small percentage of real human hairs then it can portray this title. Also all of the human hairs may not have the cuticle intact, meaning the hair could have been collected from the floor of a salon or donor salon with all the cuticles of the hair facing all different directions. This will cause hair to tangle and matte. All of Pure Lux hair extensions is collected straight from the donors of healthy real human hairs cut from the ponytail facing all the same direction which ensures that the hair is at its optimal position. Look for the signature natural luster of all of our hair extensions. This is what also separates good hair from great hair. Luxury hair extensions is not as common as you think but its out here and its great to know that you can always find it in one location. Pure lux hair is color coded by quality and price. Our gold hair extension collection is the highest collection available. Our gold collection hair extensions can last upwards over a years time.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions come in a variety of styles, lengths, textures and colors. Some of the styles include clip in hair extensions. Clip in extensions is a temporary way to wear your hair extensions without the commitment. We carry a variety of clip-in hair extension styles such as brazilian clip in hair extensions, remy clip ins hair extensions, ombre clip ins, straight clip ins, kinky curly clip ons and so on. Clip in hair extensions usually come in an eight piece set or 5 piece set and is easy to snap and clip on. Newer style clip ins are designed every day such as seamless clip ins and buckle hair extensions or snap ins. All of our clip in hair extensions is 100% human hair extensions.

General Guide for Length Of Hair Extensions

The length of the remy hair extensions or remy clip in hair extensions is pretty important when choosing. The most popular hair extension lengths is 18 inch and 20 inches when it comes to adding more length to your natural hair . However for some it may just be for volume then its say to say do not go 1 to 2 inches beyond your current length.
  • 12 inches is usually top of the shoulder

  • 14 inches brushes the top middle half of shoulder and back

  • 16 inch is just above the bra strap right at the top of your chest area

  • 18 inches is right below the bra strap line or right below chest area

  • 20 inches is middle of back or longer.

  • 22 inches is lower back

  • 24-26inches is the lowest part of your back

Fine to Medium Hair

16 inches or shorter 1 bundle
18-22 inches may need 1 1/2 bundle

Medium Thick and Thick Hair

16 inches or shorter 1 bundle to 1 1/2 bundle

18-22 inches or longer 2 bundle

24-30 inch hair extension may need 3 bundles please consult a local hair extension professional

November 24, 2019 — Katina Foster

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